ANS Project Management Pty Ltd

 Introducing ANS Project Management Pty Ltd

My name is Adrian Sharkey and I am the Managing Director/Project Manager of the newly formed ANS Project Management Pty Ltd.

In 2018 I finally realised a long held dream to form my own company and service the needs of clients in a manner which is founded on good, honest, affordable and timely advice.

No matter how experienced an individual may be in their own right, everyone will require some assistance or advice at some point and I would be personally available to do this.

With a proven track record in project management services for around 17 years I feel I have a very good idea of what people would be looking for.

I am a qualified carpenter by trade and have worked for both the DE&T and State Schools directly on numerous occasions. For over 17 years I have amassed a wealth of knowledge in the building process and Department protocols that can generally benefit those in need.

I have all current Worksafe, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurances and my Working with Children check remains up to date. All can be provided on request.

My goal will always be to provide a prompt service to you that ensures a quality outcome at an affordable price.

My promise to you

From project inception to completion, my main focus will always be based on the following:

  • A promise to always listen intently to the project requirements and key stakeholder concerns.
  • To take all opinions into account when arriving at an end goal.
  • Ensure that safety remains paramount whilst working in a school environment.
  • Provide clear and concise advice in a timely manner and co-ordinate/plan building works carefully in order to minimize any disruption to a learning environment.
  • Provide value for money solutions that minimize risk and ensure quality outcomes.
  • Manage your project leaving nothing to chance.

Far too often I hear stories of where some individuals may advise clients on what they think a client needs, as opposed to listening intently on what the client actually wants.

Communication and co-ordination

In my opinion, effective communication between all parties is the key to success!!!

  • People need to know what is expected of them.
  • What will our project cost?
  • How long will it be before it’s operational?
  • Others need to know what the risks potentially might be.
  • Clients need to know how the process will begin and when it will end.
  • Will the project be completed on time and on budget?

When you are providing both clients and contractors with clear, understandable, timely advice and direction then everyone can envisage how a project will commence and what the end result will be.

What my services may provide

If given the opportunity to assist you with a project our services would potentially include, but never be limited to:

  • Architectural drafting by a fully qualified and registered draughtsman.
  • Soil testing on behalf of the client for the proposed works.
  • Provision of Hazardous Materials Audits can be undertaken on behalf of the client.
  • Urgent client assistance whenever required.
  • Obtaining all necessary engineering on behalf of the client for building permit issue.
  • Planning meetings with key stakeholders or School Council.
  • Detailed services investigations that may have an impact on the project specifics.
  • Detailed scoping and provision of specifications and plans relevant to the Scope of Works.
  • Provision of Building Permits by a registered Building Surveyor where required.
  • Assistance in obtaining relevant DE&T approvals for entering into a contract and tendering.
  • Tendering the works out to appropriately qualified and commercially registered Builders.
  • Assessments and recommendations to the client re Contractor Procurement.
  • Regular inspections and contractor liaison throughout the contract period.
  • Regular client reporting updates and advice where necessary.
  • Assessing Contractor Claims and provision of progress certification.
  • Practical Completion Certification.
  • School Asset Management Plans Updates (SAMS).
  • Final Completion Certification at the end of a nominated defect liability period.

Each prospective project would be evaluated on an individual basis and a fee proposal provided which would clearly outline the required services and cost if ANS Project Management Pty Ltd were engaged to manage the works on your behalf.

What types of projects might ANS Project Management Pty Ltd assist you with

  • Urgent callouts for damaged services rectification.
  • Building refurbishment.
  • Reports including Cost Estimates.
  • School led P.M.P Works.
  • Assistance and provision of E.M Application Reports.
  • Building services upgrades.
  • New Building Construction.
  • New asphalt car parking facilities.
  • Drainage issues.
  • Cyclical Maintenance.
  • Detailed sewer and stormwater drainage investigations, repairs or upgrades.
  • Basketball court refurbishments.
  • Synthetic turf Installations.
  • Fencing contracts.
  • Re-siting of relocatable buildings and upgrade.
  • Power upgrades.

If there is ever a project that I can assist you with, I would be very happy to help.

In the event there is no mention above of the exact project management services that you do require, please feel free to give me a call to discuss your needs. If it happens to be that I can’t help, I may know of someone who can assist you!!

Projects I have worked on

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